The Hurrier I go, the Behind-er I get…


When I was a kid, I had a t-shirt that said: “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get”. I’m pretty sure I didn’t really understand the meaning behind this statement. The most eeek-causing feature of this shirt was a little curly haired girl with her pants down and her bum showing.

I had no idea this was a quote by C.S. Lewis, and though Alice in Wonderland was a book I read over and over in my elementary-dear-Watson years , I just never clued in… until recently.

This the TO DO List that never ends…and it goes on and on…my friends…

If I were to add to my TO DO list these days, it would say things like:

-Train for Figure Competition
-Learn whole new diet plan for Body Builders
-Encourage Family to hop on board Diet train in order to kick butt and take names
-Google bedazzled Figure bikinis
-Try not to vomit with fear once said bikinis are found
-Choose color and level of bedazzle-ment in said crazy-small bikini
-Decide on which Lucite heels may not kill you when walking on stage
Non-Figure Related Stuff:
-Decide theme for first book I plan to write
-Decide what I want to be when I grow up
-Which direction should my business take in the next few months?
-Write articles for local papers so I can persue writing career
-Create meal plans that are within personal guidelines, yet family will RAVE over
-Persue nursing-related job options locally
-Have social life; Adult & Play dates
My list would be LONG.
“The Hurrier I Go, The Behinder I get.” Logically, I thought if you are hurrying you should be getting ahead, not behind. But in reality, this is just counter-productive behavior. Sometimes when we hurry through a task in such a way that produces a sloppy or incomplete result, we must then redo it in order to do it right. Other times we elect NOT to do it over again and just live with a label under than picture in our minds that reads, “Coulda done better if applied myself”.  And sometimes… we just wind up going from one extreme to another, and the ongoing result is just feeling like a FAILURE over and over again. Who willingly signs up for this, you say? My epiphany is that I DO!
My Blog is all about striving for Balance. Yet one of my current primary goals is to succeed in yet another EXTREME. Some of you know I’ve been pursuing some Personal Development courses lately and I’m learning a LOT…about life and MYSELF. Most importantly, I’m far too valuable a commodity to walk around beating myself up on a regular basis. I deserve to commend myself for my accomplishments and it’s high time I start enjoying the BABY STEPS along the way.  My next few months, I’m really and truly going to be focussing on BALANCE. “I can do MANY THINGS poorly, or I can do a FEW THINGS well.”  I’m going to enjoy the endeavors I take on:
-Motherhood is my greatest JOY: I’m savoring these precious moments.
-My Fitness Journey is FUN! I’m going to keep it that way!
-Learning about Clean Eating is rewarding. I’m going to continue learning & experimenting.
-I have gifts that i’m more than ready to refine & share!
-In “Pouring into others” I wind up pouring into myself as well. I’m embarking on a Love Challenge: 30 days, 30 people to love as per
Amber Machado’s recent initiative.
Amber writes: ” The rules are pretty simple.  Show love to a different person, any person, can be a family member, friend, neighbor, stranger, or even an enemy, every day for 30 days.  You can demonstrate love in any way that you chose including with words, actions, gifts, and time.  Please join me in the journey.  I think it will be life changing, and maybe even world-changing. Leave a comment it you are with me!”
You are welcome to join me in this initiative!
In closing, it’s high time that I simplify and truly learn what BALANCE means. I’m not saying I WON’T be on stage in a bedazzled bikini and lucite heels in the near future. I’m just saying my focus has been changed and refined. I’m saying it’s time to embrace who I am, and the gifts I already possess. I look forward to receiving your insights, your encouragement, your advice and your own initiatives. Let’s go take on the day!

About krissyjake

I'm a Mom, a wife, a Registered Nurse, a fitness-lover, runner, a triathlete, an Ironman, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a joker, a jerk... I love people and I love investing in others. I believe anyone and everyone can accomplish greatness. They just need to realize how much personal power they possess and that their potential is limitless. If I can help, I would LOVE TO!

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